CCTV System

Our company specializes in the installation of video surveillance systems for professionals. CCTV cameras deter criminals from any theft, vandalism, or assault on people.

We offer the installation of cameras that you can view remotely, on a computer, tablet or smartphone. The high-definition cameras that we install allow the identification of the faces of criminals.

We are MOI-SSD certified for design installation and testing and commissioning of CCTV system.

As a system integrator, we provide multiple brands in order to meet the customer expectation and budget.

CCTV is a security system with integrated cameras, monitors and recorders - images of the monitored environment are captured by the cameras and transmitted to the monitors for recording. Precisely because it is a security system, it needs to be operational as soon as possible: the customer is often in an urgent situation and needs quick coverage.

Agility in installation can be a differential, or even indispensable. However, it does not mean a hasty service. Something that has been worked out by service specialists - and is true for any industry - is the importance of listening to the customer. Listening carefully even helps to ensure that the service is indeed fast and does not need to be redone for a simple miscommunication.

This is when friendliness, the ability to identify and anticipate needs, will show your quality as a professional. Many times the customer does not know what they need. During a site visit, for example, you may notice some unnoticed detail, some aspect that is valuable to the customer and guide them to the best solution. It is this kind of initiative that brings new opportunities

The technical quality of installing a CCTV system is crucial to the satisfaction of those who hire the service. But the professional who wants to stand out from the competition has to go further: the technical knowledge needs to be combined with a good relationship with the client.

A receptive professional who can answer questions and identify needs while maintaining fast and effective service is much more likely to be remembered in a referral or next job.

Barq Security System offers high quality services in Security System installation which will be taken care in professional manner and like we secure our own property

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