Active Network System

In IT, a switch is a box with four to several hundred Ethernet ports, which is used to network different elements of the computer system. It allows in particular to create different circuits within the same network, to receive information and to send data to a specific recipient by transporting them via the appropriate port. The switch has several advantages in managing your IT infrastructure. It contributes to network security and the protection of data exchanged via the network. On the other hand, it allows more workstations to be connected on the same Ethernet network. Above all, the switch allows information to be distributed "intelligently" within the company. It controls and secures your network as much as possible to avoid intrusions. Once configured by an IT technician, the switch distributes information only to predefined users according to the typology of employees (finance, management, marketing, etc.) and / or certain restrictions, thereby improving the confidentiality of corporate data

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