Interactive Smart boards

Within your company, the interactive whiteboard allows you to optimize a certain number of positions. Management is made easier by making an interactive mind-mapping, by marking the importance of certain points with annotations on a projected presentation, annotations that employees can find in the meeting minutes. For collaborative work in meetings, the time saved is enormous when the result of one or the other intervention can be directly submitted to the rest of the participants.

The use of interactive whiteboards is simple (the applications are intuitive and do not necessarily require training). You can quickly take advantage of this optimal workspace which allows you to make your notes and documents only one, to use the screen as if it were your computer, and the mouse your finger for example.

Letter recognition will also allow you to see what you write by hand. You can find all these notes in word processing software.

We can advise you so that you have at your disposal an integrated and easy-to-use system for using an interactive whiteboard within a videoconference. Group work becomes simple, even if your colleagues, collaborators or customers are in another country. Different solutions are offered by the major teleconferencing and IT players (Cisco, Google, Logitech, Microsoft, Dell, etc.).

BARQ Security Systems is very familiar with this equipment and the faults that can be found there. We will help you choose the most suitable hardware, the most simple and efficient software and manage the entire installation so that you only have to use this hardware and benefit from the productivity gain

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