Access Control System

Secure your business, control access!.

Your business, your buildings, people are constantly coming and going. Do you want to protect, control or restrict access? BARQ SECURITY SYSTEM carry out your custom access control installation.

An access control system lets you know who is entering and leaving your building at all times. We offer various facilities to best meet your needs: fingerprint reader, code keypads, badge readers, centralized access and user management, etc.

What are the advantages of an access control system?

Security: A view, at all times, of who enters or leaves your business. A possibility to limit, authorize, prohibit, control, analyze access.

Deterrence: An access control system a powerful deterrent against break-ins.

Trace: You keep an accurate record of the access history of your staff members.

Why choose BARQ SECURITY SYSTEM for the installation of your access control?

We have been in the field of access control for almost a decades. We have learned to know your needs and to offer you products and a service adapted to your environment.

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