Building Management System

It is undeniable that, in recent years, the term smart building has become very important. If you are active in a building, facility, security or security management company, you will notice that the term runs through your social media feeds constantly. We provide intelligent construction solutions with the standard software platform.

We very often hear the questions such as: "Is this building a smart building?" "And" What should I do to make my building smart? ". We will share our expertise with you.

A Smart building is a building capable of bringing added value to its inhabitants. This is a very general, but important definition because it focuses on the fact that a building is always constructed for use by residents.

In many cases, a building consists of a large number of separate systems which are unable to communicate with each other. The most typical systems are HVAC, electricity, fire alarms, intrusion and burglary prevention, video surveillance, lighting, PC networks, etc. Most building systems are user-centric. So intelligent building management aims to make building use more efficient and more comfortable.

We can therefore say that a building is smart when all the systems are connected to each other, to create a synergy that benefits the users and the building itself.

We strive to create an environment conducive to growth. We pave the way for the development of technologies dedicated to optimizing environmental conditions and managing processes. We provide solutions for the horticulture and construction sectors - as well as the intermediate sectors - using a unique combination of software, hardware and services.

We provide hardware and software and provide services dedicated to process management and climate control in commercial, industrial and residential buildings

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