Vehicle management systems

Vehicle Tracking System


We provide GPS based vehicle tracking solutions with a combined platform of high-performance fleet management system and robust GPS devices. We are dedicated to meet your objectives in critical vehicle tracking solutions. We offer powerful solution to satisfy your industrial needs.

Monitoring the GPS positions of vehicles helps enterprises and organizations of all kinds and sizes. The GPS fleet software can be used for simple web-based online tracking as well as stand-alone GPS  fleet management server application for almost unlimited vehicles and concurrent users. The software is delivered with GPS vehicle tracking devices with high quality that are ready for usage.


  • Live tracking on web map (computer and Mobile)
  • History of vehicle position .
  • Emergency (SOS) signal Button to send alert message
  • Over speed alarm
  • Geo-fence alarm when vehicle exits restricted area
  •  vehicle movement data history


Fleet report’ provide movement summary of individual vehicle in a fleet based on parameters as follows:

  • Number of Trips
  • Business Hours vs. Private Hours utilization
  • Total Stop Time
  • Total Excess Idle Time

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)


We are using latest technology for Vehicle Access to Office premises or Parking Lots by Automatic Number Plate Recognition system. It commonly known as License Plate Recognition System (LPR) also It avoid the delay in showing the proximity cards in the gate sensor, instead of that eliminated technology, when a vehicle approaches the gate, the cameras in the gate will automatically detects the car number plate and if it is permitted vehicle, it opens the gate barrier automatically.